Beautifully Fruity

I think I am silly and simple yet I have been told I am difficult to define. A friend of mine says I am fruity. I liked the word so I took it..I thought "Of course I am sweet and delicious". I didn't even really know what it meant but this is what I have found it means. Loosely speaking, the word refers to something which is cheerfully and perkily saccharine, naïve, generic, corny, banal, innocuous, un-self-consciously dippy, sexually neutered (or, conversely, having perverse subtexts) and is amusing because of it. Dorkiness which doesn't even know that it's dorky, but celebrates its own dorkiness anyway: that which is flamboyantly and happily retarded. Yep, I think thats me.. What do you think? Enjoy!

fruit loops around

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